My Philosophy

My philosophy

I really do believe that there is no ‘One size fits all’ solution to achieving both mental and physical health.

Culture, environment, budget, family, time & food availability, not to mention personal preferences are just an example of the myriad of factors that impact people’s food choices.

These days there are also scores of restrictive eating regimens touting that they are the one & only way to become healthy. In reality, everybody & every body is different. What works for one person may not be sustainable for another.

Not only have I seen people struggle to eat in a way that just does not suit their lives & resources, I have tried to do it myself. People on restrictive diets tend to have a hard time finding nutritional balance within the confines of their chosen diet. Some have so many rules people may find difficult to follow. More often than not, this results in short-term, ‘diets’ rather than sustainable lifestyle changes.

It is my philosophy that you can achieve balance with almost any lifestyle.

I aim to work closely with people to incorporate balance in a way that is in harmony with their current lifestyle, no matter what their eating philosophy.

Kathryn Carter

I’m Kath, qualified nutritionist & personal trainer. I believe a personalised, flexibile approach to gaining physical & mental well-being is necessary for achieving sustainable lifestyle changes that support both these aspects of health. In the near future I will be offering a range of nutrition & lifestyle education services designed to gain the life my clients want in a way that works for them.

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