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Simple, healthy vegan-friendly pancakes & homemade chia jam!

Today is pancake day in our house & lately we’ve been fanging it on pancakes with my homemade chia jam & coconut yoghurt. After much, much trial & error I’ve finally developed a pancake recipe that’s not only super healthy, but also incredibly easy so I thought I’d share the recipe. Because they taste so damn good with the jam, I’ll include the recipe for that here too.



These pancakes are so simple, all you need to make them is self-raising flour & unsweetened macadamia milk. That’s literally it.

There is enough flavour in the milk to make these pancakes taste sweet & delicious without adding anything extra at all. They also smell freaking amazing when you’re cooking them.

Macadamia milk pancakes

You don’t need measurements for this, you just add the milk & flour until you have the consistency you are after. I usually make it nice & thick like cake batter.

If you like your pancakes super fluffy you can also add some apple cider vinegar.

You can cook them just like any other pancakes but to keep them healthy, I use a non-stick pan. While the pan is heating I add a spray of Rice Bran Oil for the first pancake, the just use the pan dry for the rest.

That’s it. Pancakes done. Couldn’t get any easier. . . or yummier. Not much mess either which is a win.

Note: if you’d like really healthy pancakes, use wholemeal flour. We have found that wholemeal flour makes for a pancake that’s a little too stodgy for us so we use white. We have a balanced diet so this isn’t an issue for us.


Chia Jam

This is also super simple. I’ve been making this for years & much prefer it to regular jam. It’s not sticky & is only as sweet as the fruit you use. It’s also much much healthier than normal jam.

Home-made no-cook chia jam

For this I fill a bowl with frozen blueberries & raspberries. These are my favourites to use for this jam but you could use almost any fruit you enjoy.

Then I microwave the bowl until the fruit is soft. Now, I don’t cook it – I just defrost it.

Once soft, I use a spoon to lightly mush up the raspberries while keeping the blueberries in-tact. You can mash it up as much or as little as you like. Personally, I love the combination of the smashed raspberries with the whole blueberries.

Home-made no-cook chia jam

Once you’re satisfied with the state of your fruit, add some chia seeds. This is just guess-work really, no measurements. How many seeds you need will depend on how much liquid you have in your fruit. I always start with fewer than I think I’ll need, then come back & add more if it’s not thick enough.

Home-made no-cook chia jam

Mix it together so the chia seeds are evenly distributed through the berries. You’ll need to leave it for a while to let the chia seeds soak up the liquid. I usually make the jam while I’m cooking the pancakes & it’s ready by the time the pancakes need topping. It should be thick enough that you can tip your spoon & it doesn’t fall off straight away.

Thickened no-cook chia jam

I don’t ever add refined sugar but if your fruit is too tart some unsweetened apple puree works a treat. I often add cinnamon &/or nutmeg as well.

There you have it. Two super easy, very healthy recipes for an absolutely delicious meal or treat.

Do you have any great, healthy recipe ideas?

I’d love to read them so please leave a comment or link in the comments box so we can all enjoy great tasting, healthy food.


Kathryn Carter

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