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Top 5 Friday: Great posts I’ve read this week.

It’s Friday & to celebrate I’m going to share 5 of the best posts I’ve read this week.

In honor of National Stroke Week, stroke risk factors will be the theme for these posts.

This week I’ve read some great, well-researched & comprehensive articles about stroke, the risk factors & how to lower your risk of these factors. Here are the pick of the crop:


Be Prepared with Knowledge – Strokes

Queenvk wrote this brilliant post on strokes for National Stroke Week. In it she gives an overview of strokes, the risk factors & tips to reduce your risk. It covers pretty much the same information as my post but goes into a bit more detail so if you’re looking for more information, check it out.



This was written by Be Wellness Now & talks about the types of cholesterol, its function in the body, dietary sources & how to lower your cholesterol through diet. This is a short but concise read that gives a great all-round picture of cholesterol.


WHO says adults require less than 5g salt daily

For this article, AsheNews summarises recommendations put forth by the World Health Organization (WHO) around the salt intake of adults & the reasoning behind those recommendations. It’s short, concise & easy to read.


Tips on reducing salt intake in your diet

Written by Catriona’s Nutrition Blog, this article gives a quick overview of salt intakes, recommended intakes & discusses why current intakes are cause for concern. The post then goes on to provide a huge list of tips in each of the following categories: Shopping, Cooking, Eating Out, Foods to limit & finally a list of low-salt alternatives.


Obesity: Health Problems Linked to Being Overweight

In this post, The Health Fix goes into a hell of a lot of detail about obesity & it’s associated risk factors. He not only lists conditions associated with obesity, but also delves into the impact those conditions have on health as well. The conditions he covers are: Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, Hypertension, conditions of the bones & joints, Respiratory Disorders & Other. It’s a very comprehensive post & well worth a read. There’s also a great infographic at the beginning.


Well, that’s it. My 5 favourite posts on strokes, risk factors & reducing risk.

Let me know if you read any of these or if you have any great recommendations.


I’d also love to know what you’d like to see in future posts. If you’d like me to write about something in particular leave a comment below.

Happy reading!

Kathryn Carter

I’m Kath, qualified nutritionist & personal trainer. I believe a personalised, flexibile approach to gaining physical & mental well-being is necessary for achieving sustainable lifestyle changes that support both these aspects of health. In the near future I will be offering a range of nutrition & lifestyle education services designed to gain the life my clients want in a way that works for them.


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