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Top 5 Friday: Great posts I’ve read this week

It’s Friday & to celebrate I’m going to share 5 of the best posts I’ve read this week.

These are posts around the same themes I’ve covered this week – Protein & Snacking.

These are posts I’ve not only enjoyed reading, but have found to be well-researched & informative articles providing information &/or great tips. To be honest, only one of the posts is on protein. I spent most of the week reading about snacking because that’s something that I have personally struggled with – I’m a natural grazer – so my top 5 reflects that this week.

Wellness Refocused Education: Protein and Amino Acids.

In this post, Run, Sweat, Eat Repeat is covering the protein portion of their micronutrients series. Now, while I kept my own post on proteins fairly basic, this article goes into much more detail. Perfect if you’re looking for more information. I found this article to be an informative read based on science-based sources. Very comprehensive, I highly recommend both this post & this blog in general.


Tip Thursday: Snacking

On her blog Four Fourteen RachelBeach31 documents her own personal experiences & shares them to help others with their own. In this particular post, she’s listed 7 tips to help snack with control, or avoid it. Some of these tips are the same as some of my own (because they work!) & others are different so if you have trouble with this, definitely check it out.



Another one from Judith’s Blog because she does good work. In this post, she writes from her own experience & provides 7 strategies she has used personally. Again, like with the last post I mentioned, many of these tips are the same as mine but there are a couple of different ones too. It’s short, concise & relatable.


Adult snacking

This one’s a little different. Sallyann from Photographic Memories writes a story in this posts. It’s not full of tips or tricks, just a little tale of her own life & how she came to decide to try & snack healthy by preparing snack boxes. It’s not necessarily a ‘health’ post – she does talk about baking cakes & making jelly etc – it’s just a quite little post about her. It was different & I like it.


Healthy Snacking On The Go

Jenny from Sparkle & Style writes about healthy snacking within the context of a busy life. There are some great tips in there for ensuring you have a good, filling snack available to you when you need it most. Worth a read.


Well, that’s it. My 5 favourite posts on protein & snacking, but mostly snacking.

Let me know if you read any of these or if you have any great recommendations for me to read.


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Kathryn Carter

I’m Kath, qualified nutritionist & personal trainer. I believe a personalised, flexibile approach to gaining physical & mental well-being is necessary for achieving sustainable lifestyle changes that support both these aspects of health. In the near future I will be offering a range of nutrition & lifestyle education services designed to gain the life my clients want in a way that works for them.


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