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Top 5 Friday. . . Vitamin D

It’s Friday & to celebrate, I’m going to share of the best posts I’ve read this week.

These posts are around the same theme I’ve looked at this week which is Vitamin D. These are posts that I have found interesting & are either similar to my own or quite different. I hope you check these out.

In her post Fascinating facts about vitamin D and skin colour, A Flexitarian Journey discusses the way in which skin colour affects vitamin D absorption. While I touch on this very slightly, this post goes into it in much more detail. If you are after more information about this topic, I recommend this post. It’s easy to read, flows well & is concise.

Coming at it from a completely different perspective is Penguinelly’s post take vitamin D. This is a tips-based post recommending techniques for keeping yourself entertained/productive while taking the time to sit in the sun & boost your VD production. There’s a little warning at the end around the dangers of sun exposure. Around 15 minutes of exposure to direct sunlight daily is all that’s needed to synthesise sufficient VD. If you are likely to get burnt in that amount of time (like we are here in Tas), then sun protection is definitely recommended, just stay outside a little longer.

NutriCelebrity.com has provided a nice infographic & a summary of the main points about VD in their post Vitamin D – Quick Facts. This is a concise, easy to read post & I really do like a good infographic. This post is similar to mine but provides some different information as well.

Vitamin D for Mental Health is a short post by Mind Health Blog giving a little introduction to the role VD plays in mental health. As a sufferer of anxiety & depression, this is something that I find very interesting. This is a great starting point for anyone interested in this relationship.


And now for something completely different. ClinicalNews.Org gives us some good news in their post Cocoa: a tasty source of vitamin D? This post discusses a study from the journal Food Chemistry that found cocoa to be a source of dietary VD. The post briefly touches on VD & its sources. The implication & future application of the results of this study are also discussed in this post. I enjoyed reading this one, it’s a very interesting finding & is well summarised here.


Well, that’s it. My 5 favourite posts on Vitamin D.

Let me know if you read any of these or if you have any great recommendations for me to read.

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