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Holiday Tips: Keep Tabs

Getting lost in the moment & losing track of what you’ve eaten, had to drink or how much movement you’ve accrued throughout the day is really common over the holiday period. Today I’ll be talking about how keeping tabs can help you get through the holiday period with your health in tact.

This list isn’t comprehensive but it will give you a few ideas.

It’s a great idea to start practising now so you can iron out any kinks before the big day/s.

Here goes. . .


Pay attention

Being mindful is a great way to mitigate challenging situations.

Pay attention to what you are putting in your mouth, or to how long you’ve been inactive & it will help you make decisions rather than doing things unconsciously.


Weigh yourself daily

This one can either be helpful or very very unhelpful. You will know yourself if this is suitable for you.

While for many people the idea of weighing themselves daily is horrifying, through my work I’ve seen that many people feel they need to do this to stay on track. I’m like this myself. I find I gain weight very quickly when I stop weighing myself at least a couple of times a day. (keep in mind that I have hypothryroidism & gain weight easily)

If you’re one of these people keep in mind that it is perfectly healthy to vary 2kg either side of your normal weight day-to-day. Don’t count any loss or gain unless it occurs on at least 5 consecutive days. You’ll drive yourself crazy otherwise. If you can’t do this, then weighing daily is absolutely not suitable for you.

For those who can’t or don’t want to weigh themselves daily, a great way to keep tabs is to pay attention to how your clothes fit. Either your daily clothes or an item that’s fitted.

Keep in mind too that salty food & alcohol will cause some bloating so don’t panic if there’s a day or two where the clothing is a little tight or your weight a little higher after eating/drinking these types of items.

This one is really just to help you stay aware of your body. We can lose sight of normality over the silly season. It’s important to keep you feet on the ground.


Portion control

Keep your portion sizes under control. Stick to the healthy eating plate for easy tracking.

You want to aim for half your plate filled with non-starchy veggies, fill a quarter of it with lean protein & the rest with grains or starchy vegetables. Here’s a great list to help you choose.

If you are eating treats, share a piece or slice it up & eat half or a quarter.

If you are drinking alcohol, stick to proper serving sizes. Use shot measures for spirits & fill a wine glass only to the line. This will help you keep track of how much you’re actually drinking.


It’s also really easy to lose focus on what you’ve consumed when at an event but there are some great strategies that make it a little easier to stay on top of it


Don’t let anyone else top up your plate or glass!

This one is so important. If someone is topping you up all day/night, it doesn’t take long to lose track of what you’ve had. Very few people will actually eat less in this situation compared to when they fill their own plate/glass.



Bring your own food/drinks to make it easier to track how much you’re eating.

If you use what you brought, you know exactly what’s in it & how much you can have while maintaining your health.

If you can, decide what you’ll eat & how much before you go, it’s much easier to keep tabs.


Use an activity/step tracker

You can get a wearable like a fitbit or you can download an app on your device.

You’ll get little reminders/notifications to move from these little gems so it helps keep you focused & active.

These are great in general but will definitely help you keep an eye on your activity throughout Christmas events.

If you are looking for ideas on how to stay active during the holidays, I’ve written a dedicated post on that very subject.


Use a food tracker

These can either track your general intake, or you can go super specific & track kJ/calories. (to find out if this is a good choice for you check out my calorie counting post)

You can find a ridiculous number of apps online, or you can use paper or a journal. Find what works for you &  use it.


So there you have it. There are many ways to stay on track so if these don’t suit you, have a think about what might. There’s bound to be something you can use to keep tabs.

If you have any other great ideas please share them in the comments.


Would personalised one-on-one consultations with me help empower you to stay healthy over the holiday period. Do you need more general help with your diet, lifestyle &/or weight? If the answer is yes check out my 1:1 consultations or packages. I’d love to help.


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Kathryn Carter

I’m Kath, qualified nutritionist & personal trainer. I believe a personalised, flexibile approach to gaining physical & mental well-being is necessary for achieving sustainable lifestyle changes that support both these aspects of health. In the near future I will be offering a range of nutrition & lifestyle education services designed to gain the life my clients want in a way that works for them.

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