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The short of it. . .

Hi I’m Kath. I’m a nutritionist providing services ranging from Personalised face-to-face consultations to online nutrition & lifestyle education. I’m a lover of books, coffee & of course food!

I believe a personalised, flexibile approach to gaining physical & mental well-being is important to achieving sustainable lifestyle changes that support both these aspects of health.


The long of it. . .

Despite a genetic predisposition to weight gain & a history of yoyo dieting, I managed to keep within a healthy weight range in my 20s & was very active at the time. That was until I fell pregnant & my immune system ravaged my thryroid (Hashimotos hypothyroidism) and I now find it very easy to gain weight & difficult to lose it.

I also have depression & anxiety & tend to want to comfort eat when things go south. This of course leads to a ruthless cycle of depression leading to binge eating leading to weight gain leading to depression & so on & so forth.

In 2016 I lost a close friend to suicide, which lead to a family member confessing to suicidal ideation. My whole world fell apart & so did I. I spiralled out of control & gained weight like crazy. It’s been a long journey but with the help of friends, family & an amazing GP I’m finally on top of it & back in control of my life.

Throughout this whole experience I have learned that both my physical and mental health is so much better when I’m eating properly & exercising. Unfortunately, an awful lot of people just don’t know how to achieve health through good diet & lifestyle.

The knowledge I learned throughout my BA in psychology, & my Masters in Human Nutrition has been utterly invaluable to my ability to ensure I am really taking care of myself. I have started flexibly nourished because I am passionate about sharing my knowledge & educating others so that they have all the skills they need to create the healthy life they want.

If you need help, I’m here to give it to you.




  • anstalmi

    So glad I found your blog. I am a breast cancer survivor and had a kidney stone just after my surgery. The foods they told me to eat for feigning cancer conflict with preventing kidney stones so I have been in a quandary for the last nearly two years. Went to two nutritionists who just confused me and I was told of course to try to avoid processed sugar. Trouble is I am a sugar addict and a binge eater.(generally of sweets) I truly hope reading your blog will give me insights and inspiration.

    • flexiblynourishedaustralia

      Oh that sounds just awful. I hope I can help. I’ll have a post up soon on ways to avoid/stop snacking which might help as generally we reach for sweet stuff when we snack. It will probably be up on Monday. I’m so sorry you have to go through this. Good luck!

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