Supermarket Tours

Supermarkets are crazy places.

Between products placement, advertising & misleading labels it can be extremely difficult to really understand just what it is you’re investing in.


If you feel like to you need some help figuring it out, a supermarket tour with me might be just what you need.


What it includes

An educational tour around the supermarket in which we discuss how layout & product placement impact food choices.

We’ll analyse advertising and specials

I’ll teach you how to read nutrition labels & ingredients lists

You’ll learn how to understand product labeling & critically assess health claims.

You can go on a supermarket tour alone or in a small group so if you have friends who are also interested, why not bring them along.

Please Note: Each tour takes around an hour so make sure you allow enough time. Bring a notepad & pen so you can take notes.  I’m happy to come to your local supermarket if it’s in the Launceston area.

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