The Healthy Diet Guide

Free yourself from dieting

Create a sustainable relationship with food.

Use The Healthy Diet Guide to plan simple, healthy & nutritionally balanced meals that work for you & your lifestyle!

How does it work?

Foods are separated into their food group so that all you need to do is choose something from each category to make a delicious, wholesome, nourishing meal that will support your health goals.
First, you figure out how many serves of each food group. Do this by using the guide provided at the back of the book.
Now all that’s left to do is choose your favourite items.
To keep up the variety, all you do is choose different combinations from each food group.
When you’re not feeling adventurous, just choose something you already know you like. You call the shots.
It’s that easy!
At the end of The Healthy Diet Guide I give you an example day based on the requirements so you can see how you can create a whole day of meals with ease!
I provide guides for every age group from infants to people 70 years +. So all you need to do is simply download the relevant guide to find your recommended daily intake.
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